Selecting The Right Custom Home Builder For Your Project

When choosing luxury home builders to design and build your custom home there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

Obviously, if you have friends or relatives who have had a luxury home built they may well be able to recommend a company – or even recommend one to stay away from – so this may help you. However, if you don’t know anyone who has had the experience you should follow these guidelines.You need to choose a builder with a track record, not a new firm that started last week – however low their quote may be. Quite simply, if you are offered a ten year warranty you want to know that the builder is still going to be around in, say, eight years time if something goes wrong. Failing that, your warranty isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

The builder should have great contacts with architects, designers, and finance houses. You won’t necessarily expect the builder to directly employ, say, an architect, but he should have good contacts that he has worked closely with over the years.

Equally, he should be able to steer you in the direction of a lender who is used to the way he works and can provide a suitable mortgage. When you have a home custom built it is financed through a loan referred to as a progress draw. The finance house will release money at certain intervals to the builder as the work progresses. At the end you pay off the balance with a completion mortgage that you pay off like an ordinary mortgage.

The builder won’t necessarily directly employ all the labor, but should have a team of sub-contractors that he uses regularly for things like electrical work, plumbing and so on.

Good luxury home builders, such as Riverview Custom Homes will ensure that you have access at all times to senior employees and the directors of the company themselves when necessary.

It goes without saying that you should always be provided with references that you can check out personally. Established luxury home builders will have a list of references. If a company can only provide one or two, you may want to ask yourself why.

Tips For Choosing the Best Basement Development Company in Calgary…

When you are ready to develop your basement there is no question that who you choose to do it will make a huge difference with the end result.  You might have something clearly envisioned in your mind and it ends up being a nightmare or you might end up being pleasantly surprised.

Here’s a few tips when you are deciding what basement developer to hire:

Tip #1: Don’t go cheap.  Sure, you want to make sure you are getting the best possible value but usually the cheapest companies end up costing you the most pain.

Tip #2: Read reviews.  Go to a site like Home Stars and read honest reviews from other customers.  This could be one of the best ways of finding a great basement development company.

Tip #3: Meet the developers.  Find out who will be doing the work.  See if you like them.  This is important.

If you are looking for more information on basement development please click here.

Insurance For Your Basement…

When you are ready to invest in your basement, it is often very important you start thinking about your home insurance.  In fact, anytime you are thinking of renovating any part of your home it is good to review your insurance policy.  The reason is that you are adding a lot of value to your home and your current policy might not cover the value you’ve added. Plus, a lot of insurance companies usually need to know anything you add or do to your home to make sure it is covered.

If you are looking to get the best insurance rate or policy for you then you should consider using an insurance broker.

An insurance broker will do all the heavy lifting for you.  They will shop around and find the best insurance company that will provide you with the perfect policy tailored for your situation.